Cognitive Science


These are aims of the field of Cognitive Science. I am currently engaged in learning some of this science so that sooner or later I might contribute to the research effort. But for the moment, I hope to help others learn more about the mind by providing these web pages as a free resource. I plan to put them together as I progress through my studies. So if you don't find much here now, come back later - there should be new additions. Also, if you're a student or researcher in the field and wish to contribute to this resource, send me an email, and I will be happy to accept whatever you have to offer.

I don't want these pages to become merely a jumping-off point to other sites - already the Internet is so diluted enough as it is with indexes of indexes that it can sometimes be difficult to locate the actual information. I include a brief page of links anyway, just in case your favourite Internet search engine becomes too slow.


Author: Greg Bowering
Last modified: 1998.09.09